Step Back in Time with a Visit to the CSS Neuse

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On your next day off, take a trip from New Bern to visit the CSS Neuse Historical Site in Kinston. Not only will you be on the battlegrounds of two of the most pivotal wars of our nation, but you can also explore artifacts, learn about governor Richard Caswell, and truly experience the history for yourself.

The Ship’s Beginnings

The Neuse is a vessel that was built around 1863 for the Confederate States Navy. It was one of 26 ironclads constructed by the Confederate Government. The biggest fear of Lieutenant Commander James Cooke was that enemy forces would strike before construction of the ship was done. And they did. The enemy attempted to board the ship and set it on fire, however, they were forced to retreat before any action was taken. During the attack, the Neuse was caught in the crossfire and took more hits that it should’ve been able to handle. The fight continued at White Hall until the troops continued toward Goldsboro.

During the Civil War

The CSS Neuse, as well as the Albemarle, were used to make the attacks against New Bern, North Carolina as well as fortifications. Without these ships, the Navy wouldn’t have been able to push forward. Their ammunition was stored on the lower levels of the ship and had been arriving before the ship was finished, ensuring there would be enough to guarantee success. By March of 1865, the Confederates retreated, crossing the Neuse River to escape, and the vessel was set on fire and left to burn.

The Neuse Today

Today, you can still find the vessel’s watery grave as well as its well-preserved remains at the Caswell Memorial site. This ship provides an insight to the shipbuilding and naval warfare of the 19th-century. Furthermore, you can find information about the Navy crew, war tactics, ammunition, and much more when you take a trip to the memorial site. Make the trip to see the CSS Neuse and immerse yourself in the history.

Let Doug Henry CDJR Help Get You There

Pack up your vehicle and bring the family for a fun learning experience when visiting the CSS Neuse. Make your way to Greenville today to get a closer look. Want to know what else is going on in the area? Check out the Chef and Farmer, see what’s happening at the Kinston Drag Strip or contact us today!

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