Drive Belt Replacement Service Kinston, NC

The drive belt is as easy to replace as it is essential. You might not know what this part is because it does not need maintenance often. Because it is so fundamental to your car’s functioning, engineers build them to last. They are rubber belts that transfer power from the motor to other mechanical parts. In older cars, there were multiple drive belts, one for each component. Today, engines tend to use one belt in a system since this is more efficient and less prone to breakage. The trade-off is that, in your car, one drive belt is responsible for many functions, from cooling the engine to charging the battery. You can see why it becomes a problem when it breaks.

At Doug Henry CDJR, we have an on-site automotive service center that makes drive belt replacement service affordable and convenient in Kinston, NC. Our staff has hands-on knowledge from caring for other customers and our inventory. They can tell you if your drive belt looks like it is on its last leg or not. These essential parts only need changing a few times in a vehicle’s life, so schedule yourself for a checkup to ensure you stay on top of this vital engine maintenance.

When Do You Need Drive Belt Replacement Service?

Use your car manual to tell you how often you need a new drive belt. It will vary from car to car since each vehicle has a different belt design and drives slightly differently. Your manual is a vast source of knowledge about all types of engines and auto maintenance. It will give you an estimate of how many miles you can put on your drive belt, and it should tell you what kind of drive belt you need. 

However, expect there to be some variance between your manual’s recommendation and your actual belt. Not only can there be slight differences in the production process, how you drive can affect your car’s wear. Learning to pilot your auto in the most efficient way possible could extend the life of your auto parts. Since your manual is only an estimate, you will also want to know how to inspect the drive belt for damage.

A drive belt starts to get cracks and holes as it nears its end. It can also be noisy, emitting squeaks when it gets wet. Debris and rain can expedite the wear on your drive belt. So if fluid leaks under your hood, you may want to replace it. It is not hard to do, and it can be easier than cleaning it. Please book an appointment at our automotive service center at Doug Henry CDJR for drive belt replacement in Kinston, NC.

Schedule Drive Belt Replacement Service at Doug Henry CDJR

At Doug Henry CDJR, we want to make sure your engine lasts for as long as it is supposed to, if not longer. Schedule a drive belt inspection in Kinston, NC.

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