Car Battery Service Kinston, NC

Taking care of your battery with regular maintenance ensures that you never deal with the pain of it dying on you unexpectedly. Afterall, a dead battery will certainly mess up your schedule. It can make you late for work because you will need to find someone to jump-start it, or at worse, you might need to tow it to a shop. Unfortunately, there’s no telling when it could happen, and it could leave you stranded after all of the nearby shops have closed. Luckily for you, taking care of your battery and proactively replacing it should prevent this problem altogether.

Our in-house service center at Doug Henry CDJR provides one of the better options for battery service in Kinston, NC. Our service technicians have years of experience from constantly working on customer’s cars and our inventory. You can depend on them to provide top-quality care to your car. If your auto battery needs replacing or a simple tune-up, our shop will likely have a service coupon for you. Make sure your car gets the care it needs to keep you moving safely by scheduling an appointment at our auto service center in Kinston, NC.

When Do You Need Battery Service?

Battery service and battery replacement are both regular parts of car care. Even if you keep your battery in good condition, they are only rated to last so long. Still, it will benefit you to keep on top of things like worn cables, which can end up causing undue stress on your battery.

Check your user manual to learn more about your battery. It can tell you what kind of battery your car needs, some stats about replacing the manufacturer’s battery, and ways to keep your battery clean. You can also look at the actual battery, which sometimes has a sticker with its expected expiration. It will also benefit you to check the battery for signs of wear, like dirt and corrosion on the leads.

The following signs mean you should schedule yourself for a battery service appointment at Doug Henry CDJR in Kinston, NC:

  • The engine takes multiple attempts to get started.
  • The battery has died recently or often, requiring frequent jump-starts.
  • The battery leads have corrosion (also on cables sometimes).
  • Headlights are not as bright as they should be.
  • Components like the interior lights have stopped working with the engine off, though they normally would.
  • You have gone 12 months without a battery checkup.

Schedule Battery Service at Doug Henry CDJR

It is a simple matter to prevent ruining your vacation or making yourself late for the meeting of a lifetime. Prevent sudden battery death by making regular battery service appointments at the service center at Doug Henry CDJR in Kinston, NC. Our affordable prices and quality care makes our schedule tight. Ensure we can see you at your convenience by reserving a time in advance for car battery service.

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